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Modifikasi Jupiter Z-CW orange 0


Modifikasi Jupiter Z-CW orange

Modifikasi Jupiter Z-CW orange JAMBI - Again the club's Automotive Motor Modification Jambi (AM2J) kicked off the world habitual City modifications. After 'playing' with tachometers, this time managed to reconcile Havis D Rasidin kaburator on his motorcycle.At the top of the machine, install on 8 kaburator Havis RX King on the left and 8 other kaburator on the right. While in the middle, he puts the car kaburator tube and deer.

Modifikasi Jupiter Z-CW orange Not only that, at the head of the motor, Havis still wearing 3 pieces of tachometers. "The heads have 3 tachometers," he explained.Although other parts come dimodif, Havis apparently can not get out of the 'shadow' typical AM2J. 'Playing around' with tachometers. "I dimanajeri by the Chairman," he said Faiz.

Modifikasi Jupiter Z-CW orange Motor Jupiter Z Havis result of this modification, it won 2, Series Yamaha class in the event last week. According to Havis, victory was still diragukannya considering he put in the wrong class. "One of the jury alone put me in classes that are not air brush," he said simply.

Modifikasi Jupiter Z-CW orange And indeed, Havis-owned motor is also used air brush painting techniques. With the theme of realist patterns, the color orange, he succeeded in creating a bright atmosphere on Jupiter Z hers.
In addition, Havis including devout pengedara traffic regulations. Evidently, in part stangnya, he install on a pair of mirrors. "This Spion of bicycle lights camel," he said, laughing. 
Modifikasi Jupiter Z-CW orange While on the tires, he added, Havis adopt the standards of other flat motors. It's just for the front tire, wheel him retell the latest techniques and started the trend at present, hubles wheels (alloy wheels without the fingers).To obtain the form as now, Havis forced to spend valued at approximately USD 3 million. And modification process takes only 3 days! Regarding this, why can Havis argued that fast his motorcycle modification process.

"We were given a week to modif time of the contest yesterday. Become forced to take it to Kilkenny so I can modif quickly, "said Havis said, naming the shop in Kilkenny.

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